It is important for us to reduce, reuse and recycle. Why is it so? Look at all the beautiful sceneries around us, the clear blue sky, greenish seawaters, all the NATURE of MOTHER EARTH. We also have resources, some of which are limited. 
If we do not start to follow the 3Rs, this is what may happen:

  Global warming  
- the polar ice caps melt in the cold countries, causing a rise in the sea level.

- air pollution causes the clear blue skies to become black and dark

- water pollution causes the death of aquatic life and also dirties the water, causing an unpleasant smell to be given off and an unpleasant sight as well.

  How do we reduce, reuse and recycle? Firstly, in order to reuse, we have to reduce. Thus, reduce comes before reuse. We can only recycle when we reuse, which explains why recycle comes in last. The order goes from reduce to reuse and finally recycle.
 Reduce: We need to reduce the amount of the earth's resources we use to make products which may not be essential.
Reuse: We need to adopt the habit of reusing products. Don't just throw an item away, instead, why not see if a friend, relative, or charity can make use of the item.
Recycle: We need to be able to identify old products which could be made into something new. Is the product recyclable?